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Coimbatore is a second largest city also known as Kovai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the 15th largest urban agglomeration in India with a metropolitan population of over 2 million.It is a major commercial centre and has often been referred to as the "Manchester of South India". Coimbatore city is situated on the banks of river Noyal, a tributary of river Cauvery.

It is located at the foothills of Western Ghats blessed with a wonderful climate and water. Coimbatore is 750MSL and average rainfall of 200mm to 300mm, temperature ranging from moderate to medium. Coimbatore district is fed with water from Noyal, Siruvani, Bhavani and Amaravathi. Siruvani, world's second purest water body is the main source of water in the city. Coimbatore district is surrounded by Nilgris District, Erode District in Tamil Nadu and Palghat District in Kerala.


Coimbatore has a pleasant, salubrious climate due to its proximity to thickly forested mountain ranges and the cool breeze blowing through the Palghat gap which makes the consistently hot temperatures more pleasant. Due to the presence of the mountain pass, more elevated parts of the district benefit from the south-west monsoon in the months from June to August. After a warm, humid September, the main monsoon starts from October lasting till early November.


Coimbatore and its people have a reputation for entrepreneurship. Though it is generally considered a traditional city, Coimbatore is more diverse and cosmopolitan than all other cities in Tamil Nadu.


Coimbatore cuisine is predominantly south Indian with rice as its base. However, the population of Coimbatore is multi-cultural due to the influx of migrant population from various regions of the country. Most locals still retain their rural flavor, with many restaurants serving food over a banana leaf. North Indian, Chinese and continental cuisines are also available.


Many lakes and ponds were dug around the Coimbatore city in ancient times to reserve the water from Noyyal river (Originates from western ghats). The city of Coimbatore has 28 Lakes ( Wetlands ) in the River Noyyal Basin fed by the river. They are also known as System Tanks in Public Works Department (PWD).

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